Welcome to the Woodlands @ Dawn!

Welcome to The Woodlands @ Dawn, the home page of Dawn Bushong. Dawn lives in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay area in California with her husband, daughter, one dog, and two cats. Find out more about that menagerie in the "Fuzzies" section.

Dawn has been working as an independent web designer/developer since 2001, working on smaller projects and more recently setting clients up with a custom-templated CMS (see résumé for more details). She also teaches dog training classes (rotating through Rally, Parkour, Fenzi TEAM, CGC Prep, Nose Work, and various workshops) one night a week at Dodger's Paws Dog Training in Pleasanton.

Dawn also enjoys making a variety of arts and crafts, some of which are showcased in the gallery, along with an assortment of old projects and widgets from college and the early dot-com era.

Finally, if you have any questions, please drop Dawn a note.